Mastodon Glitch Edition

Hiding follower count

In glitch-soc, it is possible to hide followers counts, either instance-wide as an admin, or as a user setting.

Hiding followers count as an admin

As an instance administrator, you can hide followers count for the whole instance, by enabling the corresponding option in Site settings.

Screenshot of the server-wide “Hide followers count” option

In doing so, the client API will return -1 instead of the actual count for every request, for both local and remote accounts, which, in glitch-soc flavor, will result in displaying “-” instead of the actual count:

Screenshot of user statistics with hidden followers count

Furthermore, it will not export followers count over ActivityPub for any local user.

Hiding followers count as a user

If the instance has not opted to hide followers count instance-wide, you can still opt in to hide your own followers count from “Preferences > Other” settings.

Screenshot of user-wide “Hide followers count” option

This will hide your own followers count from the client API and ActivityPub, but it will still display other people’s followers count.