Mastodon Glitch Edition


glitch-soc allows users to bookmark toots for accessing them later.

Lie favourites, the list of bookmarked toots is stored server-side so that it can be accessed from different devices. Unlike favourites, though, that information is not shared with any other user, not even the author of the bookmarked toot.

The bookmark button is located in the toot’s action bar and changes colors when the toot is bookmarked:

Bookmarked toot

Bookmarked toots can then be accessed from the “Getting started menu”:

Getting started menu

Bookmarks column


When using the API to interact with glitch-soc, you can use a POST to the /api/v1/statuses/:id/bookmark endpoint to bookmark a toot and /api/v1/statuses:id/unbookmark to remove a bookmark.

You can also GET /api/v1/bookmarks to get the list of toots bookmarked by the logged-in user.