Mastodon Glitch Edition

Formatted toots

Unlike Mastodon, glitch-soc supports some formatting in toots.

Formatted toots are displayed as such in the glitch flavor but can be degraded in the vanilla flavor and some mobile apps.

Please be aware that most of the toot formatting will be stripped by mainline Mastodon, which may lead to the meaning of your toots being altered.

Allowed formatting

Allowed formatting is in glitch-soc toots include: headers, bold, italics, strikethrough, blockquotes, inline code, code blocks, subscript, superscript and lists.

Screenshot of a formatted toot

Authoring formatted toots

Toots can be written in three source formats:

You can write toots in Markdown or HTML from the glitch flavour by first enabling “Show content-type choice when authoring toots” in the “Compose box” tab of the app settings.

Content-type choice option in app settings

Then, for each toot, you can select whether you want to want to author them in Plain text, Markdown or HTML by using the content-type drop-down:

Screenshot of the content-type dropdown

In addition to that, you can set your default content-type from the user settings. Toots posted from applications which do not support glitch-soc’s toot formatting will be understood as written in that selected content-type.

Screenshot of user settings